“You-Nicorn” Book Review

One of the first submissions I received when I began reviewing books was “You-Nicorn: 30 Days to Find Your Inner Unicorn and Live the Life You Love,” by Danielle Vincent, a former Oprah Winfrey Network employee turned handmade soap purveyor and writer.

I’m a regular self-help reader who enjoys a reminder every once in a while, so I jumped on the book and read it in one sitting. My initial reaction was that I loved it, although I didn’t believe or agree with everything in it. On the second read, I loved it more. I highlighted things I wanted to share with my family and friends, I found myself laughing out loud several times, and I learned more about myself than I figured I would.

Vincent starts the book off by challenging traditional self-help tropes. She says, “you don’t have to believe it,” and “you don’t have to know what you want,” for the book to be valuable to you and she’s right.

The book is organized like a month-long program, although Vincent acknowledges you don’t have to read it like that. If you can, I think it would be wise to. Doing too much work at once can be overwhelming and you might be tempted to skip valuable steps.

If you’re anything like me, reading a sample of the book will tell you if you connect with Vincent’s voice. I did immediately. She’s humble, wise, and funny. She never claims to be an expert even though she clearly is, and she is consistently kind, resourceful, and authentic.

I was particularly pleased to see that Vincent included important topics like recovering from trauma, taking care of your whole body, substance use, abuse, and addiction, mental health, suspending disbelief and arrogance, and forgiveness.

One of the themes running through the book is spiritualism, so if you’re an atheist with no tolerance for God or a life-force, you might think it’s not for you. I still suggest you read it and skip those parts because spiritualism isn’t the cornerstone, it just appears like a rainbow on occasion.

The last few days of the program are dedicated to discussing real tools that can help you achieve the goals you’ve set earlier, including keeping a journal and meditation. As Vincent says in the book, most of the advice and suggestions are worth trying on at least once.

Notes: Vincent is setting up coaching groups on her website to help readers get through the material with support. She did all of the illustrations in the book herself (100+).

I give “You-Nicorn” a 5/5 rating, enthusiastically!

Full Title: YOU-NICORN: 30 days to find your inner unicorn and live the life you love
Release Date: April 30, 2018
Author: Danielle A. Vincent
Publisher: Happily Ever After Press
Genre: Self-help / Personal Transformation
ISBN: 978-0-9994392-5-8
Pages: 274

Learn more about Danielle Vincent on her website. Visit the book’s website here.

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