The End of an Era & Surprise Pre-Orders

Happy Saturday, readers and friends!

Today marks the re-launch of pre-orders for my sci-fi/fantasy novel The Assimilation Agent.

But it isn’t just any re-launch of pre-orders…

These pre-orders are exceptional.

You can choose from three options: the Kyanite, Tanzanite, or Quartzite pre-order package (yup-I chose those names). Each one has something different and special about it, and the value is out of this world.

We’ll be launching a lot of new books this way at Kyanite Publishing because it helps us and our authors extend the reading experience. We hope you’ll agree that it adds a sense of occasion. 🙂 Read more about that here and here.

The End of an Era

I’ve been working on The Assimilation Agent in one form or another for over ten years. I re-wrote the entire thing last year during Camp NanoWriMo, and then I re-wrote it again. We had to delay the release twice, and I practically hid in a hole in the ground to avoid talking about it. The story of me and this story, well, it wouldn’t be a bestseller–but it might depress you a little.

I was reluctant to admit how much this story cost… how hard I worked, how often I revised it might scare someone into thinking it’s no good.

Lately I’ve realized the value in sharing my experiences, especially my writing journey. It’s cathartic, and it’s satisfying to know that my readers can get a little taste of the blood, sweat, and tears that went into each word.

Now that it’s finished, I’m excited. I made this story exactly what I wanted it to be. It might have taken time, but my Dad always said good things are worth waiting for.

I hope you’ll read my story, join me on my journey, and close up this chapter by my side. The Assimilation Agent: Book Two is just around the corner.

One last thing: my business partner, B.K. Bass, is opening pre-orders on his book, Night Life: The Night Trilogy Book Two today too. Please give it a look and pre-order it if you’re interested or you know someone who is.

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