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Finding the Right Readers: A Cyber Monday Reflection

Hello everyone! It’s Cyber Monday and I’m thinking about book marketing (as usual).

Writing is a business, and one of the most important steps when building a business is defining the customer base. Some folks call this the marketing niche, and it’s important because if you try to please everyone, you could end up pleasing no one. Take it from Dave Berkus, a successful early stage private equity investor, author, and speaker.

In this article for, which is a fantastic resource for small businesses, Berkus highlights why niche marketing saves businesses money and helps them reach customers more likely to purchase.

With this in mind, I propose that book marketing is more about finding the right readers. Sean Platt and Johnny B. Truant, prolific self-published authors of many books and series say, “Don’t change who you are, what your books are, and what your brand represents in order to make a quick grab for an audience that doesn’t (and won’t) suit you,” in this article about finding readers who will love your books. I agree wholeheartedly because once you find readers who LOVE your work, they’ll market it for you.

This article from successful author and educator Joanna Penn is all about identifying your target market. If you’re an author reading this, I highly suggest you check it out and do some market research. It’d be glorious if we found our most loyal readers without trying, but I’m not holding out hope.

What do you think?

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