Editing Services

What kind of editor am I?

I am an MBA student, fiction and non-fiction author, editor, and former publisher at Kyanite Publishing. I am also a former commercial banker with a decade of professional freelance experience in technical writing and editing. I provide freelance editing services because I love to help authors prepare their works for publication. I am an articulate, analytical person with a penchant for providing multiple perspectives.

I stay apprised of events, trends, and new releases. I strive to amplify the efforts of my peers, especially my clients, by attending events, engaging on social media, and recommending books however and wherever I can. I apply my experience to every project, and invite clients to continue to contact me after completion. I work well with most personality types, and am flexible when it comes to accommodating special requests.

BONUS: I include a public review on Amazon, Barnes &; Noble, social media, and my website if requested.