I love to help authors prepare their books for publication. Editing is a fundamental part of the process. So is marketing, and I keep that in mind when I approach a manuscript. In addition to the standard notes provided in a developmental edit, I also share industry trends and guidelines, helping authors understand where their book “fits” (genres, markets, distribution channels). 

I make myself available to discuss all the notes I provide, and I outline exactly how I’d market the book in light of the author’s goals and expectations. I am grateful to the editors I have learned from along the way; I hope to be as valuable, honest, and supportive as they have been to me.

Developmental Editing

I review your manuscript and provide an analysis that considers your story’s overall structure and style, and touches on all major themes, components, and plot threads. I make suggestions that range in scope from sentence structure to setting, and which almost always consider multiple perspectives. I also provide industry context, a marketing plan, and ongoing guidance. This service can be combined with a copy edit at a discount.

Starting at $.01 per word

Copy Editing

I review your manuscript and provide corrections and suggestions in-line using Microsoft Word. This is probably most appropriate for a manuscript that has already been through a developmental edit or been reviewed by critique partners/groups. Copy editing is a sentence-by-sentence approach with a focus on clarity, often achieved by adhering more closely to conventional grammatical standards. 

Starting at $.01 per word


I review your manuscript and provide corrections as comments on a PDF or in an e-mail. Proofreading is a sentence-by-sentence approach with a focus on catching any stray typos or formatting errors. No observations or suggestions beyond technical errors are provided unless specifically requested. Some projects may be better suited for developmental or copy editing. If you’re unsure what the best fit is, I’m available to chat via email.

Starting at $.005 per word

What kind of editor am I?

I am a fiction and non-fiction author, editor, and publisher with over a decade of professional experience in technical writing and editing, most recently at Kyanite Publishing. I provide freelance editing services because I love to help authors prepare their stories for publication. I am an articulate, analytical person with a penchant for providing multiple perspectives. I began reading at a young age and begrudigingly stop only when life becomes too pressing not to.

When I do emerge from my book nook, I stay apprised of events, trends, and new releases. I strive to amplify the efforts of my peers, especially my clients, by attending events, engaging on social media, and recommending books however and wherever I can.

I apply my experience to every project, and invite clients to continue to contact me after completion. I work well with most personality types, and am flexible when it comes to accommodating special requests. I take interest in the development and publication of the story, so I like to review a manuscript before accepting it. I provide free sample edits that help determine if we’d be a good fit. 

My favorite genres are speculative fiction, mystery, thriller, literary fiction, historical fiction, women’s fiction, romance, and non-fiction. 

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