Take Your Time

Time is Precious. My father died suddenly in December 2017 and I was shocked and heartbroken. I thought his best years were still ahead of him. I remember sitting in my sister’s living room after we found out, alternating between waves of grief and, as the night wore on, exhaustion. Two thoughts kept coming into …

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The Mountains

I’m not usually one to drop a blog post with a vague title, but here I am, doing it with a smile. “You are not the mountain climber, you are the mountains,” is my own way of sharing something my dad used to say to my sisters and me: “Be the river.” In short, he …

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You Are Not An Imposter: Sunday Brunch Club Post

Sunday Brunch Club For this edition of Sunday Brunch Club, a new blog series where I’ll explore popular terms in the writing zeitgeist and attempt to connect writers, creators, and professionals with like-minded friends, I’ll be covering imposter syndrome. Chances are, you’ve heard of it. The term was coined in the 70s and now thousands …

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10 Ways Writing Will Bolster Your Bravery

I’ve heard a lot of my friends say they’re feeling scared recently. Scared of losing their jobs, scared of saying the wrong thing, scared of never achieving their dreams. I express myself through writing and have found that I can isolate and transform my fears when I journal, write fiction, or help others through writing. …

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