I completed a “no editing as you go” challenge… and I was happier before

Let me start off by saying: I love challenges. They can inspire creativity, create community, increase productivity, and act as a catalyst for other positive changes. I’ve done many of them, and I typically walk away with an increased sense of purpose and clarity. At the end of December, I completed a challenge to write 30k words in 30 days without editing any of them. This time, when I hit the word count goal, I felt tired, disconnected, unmotivated… The […]

Take Your Time

Time is Precious. My father died suddenly in December 2017 and I was shocked and heartbroken. I thought his best years were still ahead of him. I remember sitting in my sister’s living room after we found out, alternating between waves of grief and, as the night wore on, exhaustion. Two thoughts kept coming into my head (and they stay with me now). 1. I will honor my dad by honoring the time I have left. 2. I need more […]

The Mountains

I’m not usually one to drop a blog post with a vague title, but here I am, doing it with a smile. “You are not the mountain climber, you are the mountains,” is my own way of sharing something my dad used to say to my sisters and me: “Be the river.” In short, he meant that he wanted us to embrace our power over our narratives and visualize ourselves as the river, not the swimmer struggling to tread water. […]

You Are Not An Imposter: Sunday Brunch Club Post

Sunday Brunch Club For this edition of Sunday Brunch Club, a new blog series where I’ll explore popular terms in the writing zeitgeist and attempt to connect writers, creators, and professionals with like-minded friends, I’ll be covering imposter syndrome. Chances are, you’ve heard of it. The term was coined in the 70s and now thousands of academic and entertainment articles have been written about what it is and how to overcome it. According to the American Psychological Association, it’s a […]

10 Ways Writing Will Bolster Your Bravery

I’ve heard a lot of my friends say they’re feeling scared recently. Scared of losing their jobs, scared of saying the wrong thing, scared of never achieving their dreams. I express myself through writing and have found that I can isolate and transform my fears when I journal, write fiction, or help others through writing. Here are 10 reasons writing helps eliminate fear and bolsters bravery. I hope one or some of them can work for you. If you don’t […]