The Assimilation Agent

Coming December 2nd, 2019

The Assimilation Agent: Book One

Novel, 300 pages // Kyanite Publishing // Science fiction > Space opera > Social Sci-Fi

Rae Sorano’s life changes when she’s handpicked by the C.I.A. to join the staff of an enigmatic research center. She’s soon rubbing elbows with dozens of alien species living and working below the sands of New Mexico. Immediately assigned as a glorified errand girl to the extraterrestrial leader of intergalactic society, Rae’s thrust into the middle of a conflict that will decide the fate of humanity itself.

Befriended by her boss’s son and someone who’s more than she seems, what Rae doesn’t know could kill her. In a battle too big to stay here on Earth, who can she trust, and what will happen if she fails? 

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