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Have you read Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll or seen the movie adaption(s)? If so, you’ll probably love falling back into the world with author Robert Arrington as your hidden guide in The Wonderland Effect. The story begins with Alice Littleton, a young girl who can access all the powers and characters of Wonderland. On the run from a dangerous foe, she discovers an academy for special people like her. Alice is a likable enough character, and I sometimes found myself forgetting I was reading and simply experiencing. In some areas, I felt a little lost, but overall, I found the story intriguing and well-plotted.

Arrington deserves a special mention for his creativity, but also for his finesse. There were several scenes in The Wonderland Effect that were especially effective because of subtle decisions he made as the author, which show an appreciation and understanding of Carroll’s original text, the genre, and the complexities of language.

For fans of fantasy, young adult, Lewis Carroll and the like, The Wonderland Effect is a solid, fast-paced romp worth adding to the growing Wonderland universe.

Rating: 4/5


  • 494 pages (paperback)
  • Publisher: Robert Arrington
  • ISBN-13: 978-0986176517

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For eight years, Alice Littleton has tried to hide the denizens of Wonderland, her near constant companions, and her powers, but the plight of a kidnapped boy goads her into action to rescue him with as much stealth as she can manage. But it’s all gone horribly wrong anyway. Her old life is lost as she goes on the run from the only other empowered she has ever encountered, and the shadowy organization he fronts. The Wonderland Effect, an aspect of her powers that draws her to unusual situations, eventually lands Alice on the doorstep of Prometheus Academy. The boarding school is home to other empowered teens, brought together by their desire to remain hidden from the same menacing figure who confronted her. Prometheus Academy provides a welcome respite, as well as new friends and challenges. But when her family and friends are taken and threatened, she must find a way to harness the powers of a fairy tale to root out and eliminate her foe, despite all of his advantages

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Robert Arrington spends his days posing as an unassuming computer technician for a large law firm in Raleigh, NC. But by night, he transforms into a (hmm, how to put this politely?) unassuming writer of superheroes fiction. Not exactly the wisest career choice, but we deal with reality as it is. He lives in Raleigh with his wonderful wife of thirteen years, Lucille, who has indulged this misadventure into the realm of writing and publishing with surprisingly good grace. When he is not working or writing, he can generally be found at home trying to help his children (Son, age 11, and daughter, age 9) with their homework and whatever else needs some attention.

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