Rise: A Blood Inheritance Novel Review

“Rise: A Blood Inheritance Novel,” hereinafter referred to as, “Rise,” is the first installment in a planned quartet. The author, M. Ainihi, begins the story with a prologue that takes place hundreds of years before most of the events in Rise. It piqued my interest immediately, and from there I finished it in about two hours. I haven’t read a book that quickly, even a short one like Rise (162 printed pages), in months.

The story is about a young woman named Amanda, the daughter of an archaeologist plunged into a magical world of genies, sorcerers, and lies after discovering an ancient artifact. She has to fight her fears and self-doubt to become the hero the story deserves, and she does, with a little help and a lot of action.

Ainihi’s pacing is quick and relentless.

Like a commercial thriller, Rise is mostly comprised of short and intense scenes. Ainihi doesn’t waste time on lengthy descriptions and meandering backstories. The reader is told everything they need to know exactly when they need to know it, and nothing more. The chapters are short, like the scenes, which I love because the accomplished feeling I got finishing them spurned me forward.

The complexity of the story is incredible for how quickly it’s accomplished.

Rise is a short novel. Some publishers would say it’s too short, especially because its firmly in the fantasy genre. Readers might balk, thinking such a story would need more time to progress. I disagree. The Wizard of Oz was a very short novel and it succeeded, like Rise does, in building a believable world and telling it through the eyes of a young woman. Unlike Dorothy, Ainihi’s protagonist is permanently orphaned and partly dark; she jumps out from the page from the beginning, although more so as her arc develops.

Ainihi could become a household name.

Rise isn’t a perfectly polished story. There were a few questions I was left with that could’ve been resolved in the story in a clearer way and a mistype here and there. But the truth was, I didn’t care. I left the rougher patches behind the moment I read over them because I was so anxious to get to the end. I believe Rise could easily become a bestselling series and it would be phenomenal to see it translated onto the big screen. If I were a multi-millionaire producer, I’d snatch it up right now.

Favorite Lines

“Things work differently in dreams, Amanda. They are not always safe.” / “Is this a real place?” / He smiled in the distance. “As real as any other place you have been.”

“I am keeping him far from you… for now. His prison, you might say, has been imprisoned.”


Title: Rise: A Blood Inheritance Novel
Author: M. Ainihi
Genre(s): Fantasy > Contemporary > Dark Fantasy
(Note:  This work is listed under the “Sword and Sorcery” category on Amazon, but does not fall into the usual definition for that sub-genre.  We have listed here the sub-genre definitions that most closely match the actual content of the work.)
Print Length: 162 pages
Publisher: M. Ainihi
Release Date: September 16, 2017


5/5 stars


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