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As you know, I’m an indie author and small press publisher and reading is my ultimate pastime and a huge part of my job. I love interacting with authors, learning about what inspires them, and contributing in some small way to the community. I hope this interview and the series as a whole whets your appetite for reading, writing, and discovering new creators!

The following exchange is with American author Laura Mae. I met her through the power of the internet and have since become a huge fan and avid follower. Her shared interest in dreams was something we bonded over. Learn more about it below!

Sam: So Laura, we met on Twitter and we have a lot in common. You recently posted about dreams on your website and we talked about them in an interview I did for your Indie Go series. Let’s talk more about dreams. What’s the most far out dream you’ve had in a while? (That you’ll share! Ha ha)

Laura: I’ve had so many bizarre dreams! The one I had last night wasn’t really that weird, but it was? Mostly because I’ve never had a dream where I was a teacher before. I was walking my niece (I don’t have one in real life) to school, and she stops me to show me her that hand had been scratched up. Her finger and wrists were bleeding slightly and I had to patch her up. I don’t know why. Haha! Then I entered a Kindergarten class and I was the teacher. It was really weird.

Sam: So, obviously we don’t write about every dream we have, but every dream builds a history we can draw from almost like our own life history. There are pivotal moments in our lives, are there such things in our dreams? Would you describe any of your dreams as pivotal, or lifechanging, or monumental in some way?

Laura: I think they play a huge role in our everyday lives, as long as we pay attention to them. In one way they have changed things for me because I based a book off of it (you may have heard of it). And also, it sounds silly but I have a lot of dreams about fish and underwater scenes. It’s made me appreciate the ocean and its creatures more.

Sam: Would you agree with the statement that fiction writers are lucid dreamers who write their experiences down? Have you ever had a lucid dream?

Laura: I do agree with it! I lucid dream all the time. Just recently I had a dream in where I actually said out loud that the place I was reminded me of a place I would have dreams about! It was super strange. Then I woke up and realized I was actually dreaming.

Sam: So, your debut novel came out this past year. It’s called Fliers, and it’s about descendants of fairies who are being hunted by the government, right?

Laura: Yes! It came out a little over a year ago now. Fliers are basically humans but fly without wings. They also have purple eyes and change depending on their mood. Brown if scared and green when angry. A secret government agency called the National Fliers Association take fliers into their hands and experiment on them in order to learn to make other “regular” humans fly. Dr. John Malik is the lead of the entire organization and has gone so far to put them into concentration camps. They are not treated like equals and the main character Sydona has finally had enough of it. She and her fairy Raoul set off across the country to put an end to it. On the way she finds a few allies who are both fliers and humans. One of whom is involved with a rebellion group called the Sparrows. (which is book 2 coming out very soon!)

Sam: So, which character in this novel took the most time to flesh out?

Laura: To be honest, the main character Sydona. And I feel like I’m not alone in this. Side characters for some reason are way easier to find a voice for than the MC.  For me anyways! I never truly felt a connection with Syd in the beginning and it bothered me. Then I decided to do an ‘interview’ with her and now I feel she’s a real person. I love her now. Haha!

Sam: Do you remember the first thought or the first thing you wrote on Fliers? The very first one. The first image or feeling or sensation or memory?

Laura: The first thing I remember was from the dream I had which inspired the book, and it was flying over a sea of white tents. I thought to myself, what in the world were they used for? Then I thought, maybe it was for me, because I’m flying, and most people can’t.

Sam: What’s next for you? I know you are working on a sequel to Fliers called Sparrows? What else?

Laura: I have Sparrows in the professional editing stages right now and it’s due out this summer! And also already working on the third and final book of the series. I have a title, but I’m waiting to reveal that. 😉

Sam: Where else can people find you? Are you on social media? Where do you exist on the web?

Laura: I’m all over Twitter and Instagram. A little on Facebook, but much more on Twitter. My handle is @lauramaeauthor for both. Make it easy!

Sam: It’s a new world now, with people being able to access authors on so many sorts of intimate levels. Some authors are going with it, sharing everything, others are private or use pen names. What’s your take on your own relationship to fame and your fans and readers?

Laura: I love to promote my writing and what I’m doing in my professional life, but I do like to showcase what I’m doing outside of that. I think it’s important to be able to connect with readers and talk about things other than just books and writing.

Sam: It’s been awesome to chat with you! Thank you for being a guest and I hope you’ll come back soon!

Laura: Thanks so much Sam!!

<End Interview>

Learn more about Laura Mae on her website, and connect with her on Twitter and Instagram.

Find her book, “Fliers” on Amazon! The sequel, “Sparrows” will be available soon!

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