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Soul Control is a fantasy humor story about a group of bureaucrats responsible for overseeing the manufacture, distribution, and recycling of souls. Everything’s been going well for thousands of years, until a renegade from another department introduces them to American television. Distracted, they miss several placements and all hell breaks loose. If they want to keep their jobs and restore balance to Earth, they’ll have to figure out how to fix their errors-but it won’t be easy, and it might cost more than they think.

Ella Everest has one job: to hide whatever her boss tells her to. Since she graduated from the academy, it’s been mostly magical objects until she’s introduced to a rogue bank teller from another realm. Forced to chauffer the instigator across several dimensions in order to keep him safe from the powers that want him dead, Ella discovers the importance of fighting for what’s right, even if it means sacrificing herself in the process.

This will be a series of short, digestible paranormal fantasy fiction books about Pugs who play Cupid set in Portland, OR. The setting will be almost as important as the delightful dialogue between the Pugs as they work to communicate with their “owners”–a strange couple who own the matchmaking agency. Mayhem will ensue often as the Pugs go on various missions, attend conferences, travel through dimensions and realms, and most importantly: help humans find love.

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