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I’m an American science fiction author and the Marketing & Finance Director at Kyanite Publishing LLC. My upcoming titles include science fiction novella What They Deserve, science fiction novel The Assimilation Agent, and new adult fantasy novel Summer Camp for Seers. 

My most beloved influences are JK Rowling, Madeleine L’Engle, Ray Bradbury, Stephen King, Margaret Atwood, Isaac Asimov,  and Michael Crichton – though, I’m leaving dozens out. I started writing fiction in grade school and have since penned fiction and non-fiction and edited books in several genres. 

In 2018, with partners B.K. Bass and Sophia LeRoux, I launched Kyanite Publishing. We are a small press focused on producing entertaining, consuming, and insightful speculative fiction books in all lengths. 

Prior to becoming a full-time publisher and author, I worked in commercial lending. I also earned a BA from Washington State University in Human Development and Criminal Justice. When I’m not working, reading, and writing, I’m studying or exploring the great outdoors in Colorado with my family. 

Connect with me on social media or by emailing me at sam@kyanitepublishing.com.

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